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  • Name: Center surface winding splitting machine
  • Number: s077
  • Added time: 2016-10-31
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Applicable to all kinds of paper, film, tape and other materials of the cut
※Reeling power part: two reeling motors are cooperated with main engine motor for three-motor connecting move control, the main motor cuts off emptying and reeling motor controls tension, the finished product has steady tension and nice appearance.
※Winding mechanism part: pneumatic connection is used in winding arm to control balance, capable of automatically adjusting contact pressure while rolling. Contact pressure can be set by yourself. The machine can be also provided with discontinuous guide wheel rolling to cut other materials more widely.
※Motor control part: LCD touch screen is adopted in the operating interface, capable of directly setting various rolling conditions and running status on the screen. Programmable controller is adopted for the control part for mechanical action control, it is equipped with self-detecting system, capable of diagnosing troubles in case of fault.
※Auxiliary emptying device: if material passes through surface pressure wheel while rolling out, it is available to make materials more smooth, and to reduce noise (suitable for viscous material)
※Auxiliary pulling material: the material can be pulled via motor while rolling out, saving pulling time and reducing material loss.
※Basic emptying form: separated emptying base, emptying diameter is larger.
Optional Parts

※Supplementary feeding of raw material: oil pressure-type power is adopted to be suitable for the workshop between free-travelling cranes, capable of saving labor force and shortening loading/unloading time.
※Sound attenuating hood in emptying part: capable of reducing the noise caused by materials rolling out, and promoting quality and safety of work environment.
※Slag material processing unit: capable of selecting independent or connecting traverse machine to take wastes, additionally, it is further provided with strong windmill, suitable for non-cohesive material.
※Automatic alignment device: suitable for slitting after printing, capable of accurately aligning at printing datum line for cutting.
Machine manufacturing width:1.0M-1.8M
Maximum winding diameter:450mm
Maximum feed diameter:1000mm
Coiling the inside diameter of the tube:1.5"-3"
Minimum slitting width:5mm
Maximum operating speed:200M/Min

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