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  • Name: Steel strip and copper strip coating machine
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  • Added time: 2016-10-31
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Stainless steel with copper tape precision coating production, thermal conductivity, heat and other composite materials, precision coating of the main equipment.
※Unreeling and rolling are supported by iInflatable shaft, capable of achieving rapid replacement, even supporting and accurate centring. 
※Unreeling rack is mounted "dual-photoelectric automatic tracking" correction device. 
※Unreeling and rolling tension is respectively controlled via a set of automatic tension control system.

※Coating way is anilox roller quantitative transferring gumming, pneumatic dandy roll, pneumatic back-pressure scraper, the scraper is controlled by separate electrical motor for swinging during coating.  
※Surface of cooling steel roller is plated with hard chrome for mirror finishing, cooling way is internal water circulating cooling.  
※Pneumatic pressurizing is adopted in gumming expression roll and traction roller cooling with adjustable pressure.

※Double frequency control technique is adopted, Panasonic frequency converter is used to ensure synchronic operation of each machine.

※Total length of oven is 10m, inner running roller is arranged via arch form, side face of oven is mounted with walkway and guard railing.  
※Oven is divided into four sections, the temperature of each section can be controlled independently. Heating mantle is set externally for electrical heating, hot wind is blown into oven via a fan.  
※Oven liner is a hot air circulation structure, heated air circulation can saves energy, inlet of the oven is mounted with front exhaust fan, capable of discharging the solvent volatilized in early stage, and exhaust gas is not allowed for secondary circulation to ensure safety. 
※Inlet of oven is equipped with pneumatic induction system to automatically control the tension of the thin film in oven section.

※Before rolling, E.P.C air-sensitive correction system is mounted.

※All aluminum guide rollers of the whole machine are the high-hardening aluminum alloy guide roll, and processed via static and dynamic equilibrium.

Machine manufacturing width:0.63M/0.8M/1M/1.3M
Total installed power:48kw/50kw/55kw/60kw
Total Weight:5000Kg/5500Kg/6500Kg/7000Kg
Maximum operating speed:100M/Min

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