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  • Name: Rolling coating machine
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  • Added time: 2016-10-31
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Core advantage:
For customer's demands, the liquid or semi-solid thermally conductive silicone rubber, hydrogel, medical material and the like have large viscosity range, bubble and difficulty in production, so, combined with years of research results, our company pushes the rolling coating machine specific to the liquid or semi-solid material, so as to provide final solutions for such kind of manufacturer.
Suitable for rolling and coating production of various liquid or semi-solid materials.

※Basic emptying form: integral type emptying base, easy operation and small floor space.  
※Emptying control system: magnetic powder brake is cooperated with tension controller to achieve auto-tension control, saving labor force.  
※Automatic correction system: ultrasonic sensor is cooperated with full-auto correction controlled to achieve auto correction control, emptying operation is simple to avoid the poor product rolling caused by uneven material.  
※Roller control apparatus: the gap of rollers can be adjusted bilaterally or unilaterally via Gear Reducer Motor and precise screw pitch adjustment mechanism, easy operation, product precision can be confirmed.  
※Roller space detector: imported grating ruler is adopted to detect roller space and real-timely display roller space, with the detection precision of 0.005mm.  
※Automatic meters counting device: automatic meters counting device is adopted and can be set via two-section to accurately control the rolling length.
Mechanical roller surface width:630-1100MM    
Maximum slicing width:500-1000mm    
Maximum discharging diameter:600mm 
Inner diameter of discharging tube core:3"
Maximum roller distance:6mm (It is available to increase to 15mm according to customer's demands)
Maximum slicing thickness:5mm (it is available to increase to 10mm according to customer's demands)
Maximum operating speed:15m/min
Membrane outlet accuracy error:±0.015mm

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