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  • Name: DCM750-4S series
  • Number: s036
  • Added time: 2016-10-31
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Applicable to all types of soft magnetic materials (magnetic absorbing materials) of the precision calendar.
※Basic emptying form: integral type emptying base, easy operation and small floor space.
※Emptying control system: magnetic powder brake is cooperated with tension controller to achieve auto-tension control, saving labor force.
※Roller temperature control system: the use of conducting oil (or electromagnetic heating roller) multi-group temperature control, the roller temperature independent control to meet the different materials and efficient production process.
※Roller distance adjustment system: the use of electric (or servo) drive system control roller gap, roll gap to achieve easy adjustment, easy to operate.
※Roller distance detection device: the use of imported grating, real-time detection roller gap, the precise control of the roll gap, to ensure product accuracy.
※Host drive part: the use of variable frequency motor + planetary gearbox with the drive as a rolling power transmission, roller speed of independent control, to adapt to different thickness of the efficient production of products and to ensure product quality.
※Automatic meter device: the photoelectric sensor automatic meter device, easy to count the number of production.
Mechanical roller surface width:750MM
Maximum slicing width:650mm   
Maximum discharging diameter:500mm          
Inner diameter of discharging tube core:3"                    
Maximum roller distance:6mm               
Maximum operating speed:15m/min        
Membrane outlet accuracy error:±0.015mm   

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