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  • Name: DCM650-5S series
  • Number: s034
  • Added time: 2016-10-31
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As it is capable of producing high-quality product, saving power and labor force, and has the significant characteristics superior to the traditional calender, the machine has obtained the patent for complete machine issued by State Intellectual Property Office.
Patent number:201010179705.6 and Patent number:201020200032.3

Core advantage:
  1.Due to the control of emptying forms and tension, labor force is saved;
  2.Due to the improved overall structure and transmission principle compared with the traditional calender, the bubbling problem in the rolling process of silica gel is thoroughly solved, the efficiency increases to 2-3 times, saving 50-90% power and less thickness error (+/-0.015mm).
  3.On this basis, specific to different customers’ demands, our company constantly develops full-digital display (each roller speed and gap can be real-timely monitored and displayed, display accuracy is 0.01mm), electrical control full-digital display (each roller speed and gap can be real-timely monitored and displayed, each roller gap is electrically adjusted, and display accuracy is 0.01mm), computer-controlled type (each roller speed and gap are set via microcomputer PLC and touch screen human-computer interface for real-time monitoring display, each roller gap is electrically adjusted, and display accuracy is 0.01mm) and other series of products.
  4.For customer's demands, the liquid or semi-solid thermally conductive silicone rubber, hydrogel, medical material and the like have large viscosity range, bubble and difficulty in production, so, combined with years of research results, our company pushes the rolling coating machine specific to the liquid or semi-solid material, so as to provide final solutions for such kind of manufacturer.

1.Electron industry:
  Different kinds of PET+ silica gel film in various LED screens are suitable for liquid crystal display, Liquid Crystal Display Television, notebook, mobile phone, DV,DC,PDA, etc.
2.Auto industry:
  Automobile engine, and various silica gel tubes products of vehicle.
3.Textile industry:
  Rolling laminating production of silica gel, fluorelastomer and cloth.
4.Medical industry:
    Scar treatment strip, fever cooling strip, oral paste, beauty strip production.

※Basic emptying form: integral type emptying base, easy operation and small floor space.
※Emptying control system: magnetic powder brake is cooperated with tension controller to achieve auto-tension control, saving labor force.
※Drive part of main engine: special AC frequency conversion motor is cooperated with frequency converter as the rolling drive part, the roller speed can be controlled separately, capable of fitting efficient production of different products, ensuring product quality and saving 50-90% power.
※Roller cooling device: the use of rotary joint access to the cooling water, the roller to maintain operating temperature, to ensure that the roller life and machine accuracy.  
※Automatic meters counting device: automatic meters counting device is adopted and can be set via two-section to accurately control the rolling length.
Mechanical roller surface width:650mm 
Maximum slicing width:550mm
Maximum discharging diameter:600mm 
Inner diameter of discharging tube core:1"-3"
Maximum roller distance:6mm (it is available to increase to 15mm according to customer's demands)
Maximum slicing thickness:5mm (it is available to increase to 10mm according to customer's demands)
Maximum operating speed:15m/min
Membrane outlet accuracy error:±0.015mm

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