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  • Name: DCM650-4S series
  • Number: s033
  • Added time: 2016-10-31
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Applicable to all types of soft magnetic materials (magnetic absorbing materials) of the precision calendar.
※Basic emptying form: integral type emptying base, easy operation and small floor space.
※Emptying control system: magnetic powder brake is cooperated with tension controller to achieve auto-tension control, saving labor force.  
※Roller temperature control system: the use of conductive oil (or electromagnetic heating roller) group of temperature control, the roller temperature independent control to meet the efficient production of different materials technology.  
※Roller distance adjustment system: the use of electric (or servo) drive system control roller gap, roll gap to achieve easy adjustment, easy to operate.  
※Roll distance detection device: Imported grating, real-time detection roller gap, precise control of the roll gap, to ensure product accuracy.  
※Host drive part: the use of variable frequency motor + planetary gearbox with the drive as a rolling power transmission, roller speed independent control, can adapt to different thickness of the efficient production of products and to ensure product quality.  
※Automatic meter device: The photoelectric sensor automatic meter device, easy statistics production.
Mechanical roller surface width:650MM
Maximum slicing width:550mm   
Maximum discharging diameter:500mm          
Inner diameter of discharging tube core:3"                    
Maximum roller distance:6mm               
Maximum operating speed:15m/min        
Membrane outlet accuracy error:±0.015mm   

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