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  • Name: DCM630-2S series
  • Number: s028
  • Added time: 2016-10-31
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Suitable for the precise rolling of various film materials.  
※Basic emptying form: integral type emptying base, easy operation and small floor space  
※Emptying control system: magnetic powder brake is cooperated with tension controller to achieve auto-tension control, saving labor force.  
※Automatic correction system: ultrasonic sensor is cooperated with full-auto correction controlled to achieve auto correction control, emptying operation is simple to avoid the poor product rolling caused by uneven material.
※Drive part of main engine: servo motor is cooperated with special reduction box as rolling power drive, roller speed can be precisely controlled, capable of fitting efficient production of different products, and ensuring product quality.  
※Roller can be provided with heating device: hollow roller hot-oil circulation is for heating, capabe of effectively saving cost.

※Automatic counting equipment: photoelectric sensor automatic counting equipment is used to count production quantity freely.
Mechanical roller surface width:630MM    
Maximum slicing width:500mm   
Maximum discharging diameter:400mm          
Discharge of the heart:3"                    
Maximum roller distance:6mm               
Maximum operating speed:12.5m/min        
Membrane outlet accuracy error:±0.005mm       

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