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Insulating glass glue machine butyl rubber coating machines are what devices

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(1) butyl rubber coating device
1、The plastic nozzle and the maximum working pressure should not be less than 25Mpa.
2、A plastic nozzle switch freely, a continuous plastic, the amount of plastic adjustable, no leakage of plastic defects.
3、Two adjustable distance from the plastic nozzle, coating thickness consistent.
(2)Spacing frame positioning means
1、Butyl rubber coating machine should be located on the spacing frame positioning device.
2、Positioning on the pressure roller should not be less than two, should be flexible rotation.
(3)Butyl rubber heating device
1、Butyl rubber heating device should be set temperature display device.
2、Nsulating glass gumming machine temperature setting range of 100 ~ 150 ℃. Temperature fluctuations in the work of ± 3 ℃.
3、Butyl rubber heating device should have the pre-heating function.
(4)Butyl rubber extrusion equipment
1、The extrusion unit shall be made of a material which does not react with butyl rubber.
2、Butyl rubber extrusion piston and cylinder coaxial tolerance: 0.1mm.
3、Butyl rubber extrusion piston should be no crawl and stuck and other defects.
4、A plastic pressure display should be intuitive, a plastic pressure should be able to adjust the smooth.
5、The maximum working pressure should not be lower than 15Mpa.
(5)Spacing frame conveying device.
1、Conveyor belt bracket should be installed correct, solid, bracket flatness tolerance 1.0mm.
2、Conveyor belt should be suitable for long-term work at 150 ℃.
3、Two rounds of conveyor belt center distance should be easy to adjust, adjustable range should be greater than the center distance of 8%.

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