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GWQ-C-type high-speed horizontal slitter mainframe frequency conversion precision cutting

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GWQ-C-type high-speed horizontal cutting machine Features: 1. The use of Siemens PLC programmable control system, winding and unwinding tension from the PLC automatic control. 2. Taiwan Weilun color touch screen man-machine interface, working status, speed, tension and other parameters of centralized display and control. 3. One-button start / stop design, tension switch, host start and stop, etc. to achieve linkage control, start the machine just enter the thickness of raw materials, diameter and speed of several simple parameters, the next work by the computer automatically Calculation completed PLC can be achieved rolling meter, meter meter shutdown and automatic shutdown function. 4. Host frequency control, Japan Yaskawa inverter. 5. Horizontal structure, receiving and discharging on both sides of the fuselage. 6. Cast iron body, to ensure high-speed operation of the stability. 7. Slitting part: Equipped with two kinds of slitting methods: flat blade cutting and round knife cutting. 8. Blowing shaft Unwinding, reeling can be the whole demolition can also be unilateral rotation, unwinding at the installation of automatic photoelectric correction system. 9, the upper and lower double-winding structure, are used inflatable shaft, and equipped with pressure roller. Reel can be the whole demolition can also be easy to unilateral rotation discharge, rewind reel after the air lock. 10. Waste side of the guide tube and high-power fan, the waste side of the machine from the right side. 11. All guide rollers of the whole machine are made of high hardening aluminum alloy guide roller, and are processed by dynamic and static balance.

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