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Qi Xiaodong, general manager of the new Ka Tuo: Coaters do fine in the market segment to do specifically

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”I originally in the new R & D Robot Co., Ltd., 2002 or so, the Shenzhen company received a project that is a business to the car battery power battery production line, to be made fully automated production line, I was sent to Shenzhen for a year . Mainly responsible for the front-end production of lithium batteries, coating machine laminating machine work. Later, I transferred to the Shenzhen in 2003, have the opportunity to do with friends, lithium equipment. ”Qi Xiaodong said.

New Ka Tuo just started to do when the lithium battery equipment are involved in half, winding machine, coating machine, the film machine, etc. We have done. In 2007, when the company chose the direction of specialization, specifically began to do a coating machine.

Qi Xiaodong frankly, when Huawei's president Ren Huawei's strategic adjustment to Huawei made him determined to make a choice. “Huawei's power is still very limited, so Huawei can only focus on very small areas of resources to maintain their advantages. ”

Because the coating machine is the lithium industry, a major key equipment, coating process is the impact of battery performance, one of the most critical processes. Therefore, the new Ka Tuo chose the coating machine as the company's product development direction.

“At that time we have to do specifically to do the coating machine also has its own reasons, is our company is relatively small, limited investment, especially research and development above, can not be all-encompassing to do; In addition, from the development of foreign enterprises, small businesses are walking Professional way, that is, the road fine. Then we choose the coating machine because the coating is a basic process of lithium batteries. Battery consistency and superiority, are determined by the coating, which in the battery manufacturing occupies a high technological position. Another reason is that no matter what kind of battery you produce, coater is the same, the production process has not changed. Whether it is to do cylindrical batteries or square batteries, coating machine matching are the same. ”Qi Xiaodong said.

“My resume and background decided I can only do in the high-end coating machine.”Qi Xiaodong discourse with a grasp of technology and bones of superiority, but in fact, he was after a careful market research.

Foreign imports of high reliability of the type of equipment, the price is also selling very high profit margins, but sales are small. Some domestic equipment sales, profit margins are very meager. The new Ka Tuo positioning in the high-end, trying to capture the market's most outstanding resources, the most core customer resources.


New Ka Tuo in 2011, the first to enter the field of diaphragm ceramic coating. and“At present, the major domestic diaphragm factory are using the new Ka-extension ceramic coating machine”。In Qi Xiaodong view, companies must constantly optimize the product structure. “Enterprise development model determines which products are suitable for enterprises, and enterprises must use their own resources combined with the structural characteristics of the industry to implement the development route, relying on the most suitable for market demand products and forward-looking technology. ”Qi Xiaodong said.

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