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Rely on scientific and technological innovation to improve performance quality

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In the domestic flexible packaging machinery manufacturing industry, can produce slitter manufacturers countless, but specialized in research and development, manufacturing, sales of high-grade cutting equipment, high-tech enterprises really rare. Jiangyin City in the hinterland of Jiangyin City, there is a professional R & D, manufacturing high-grade slitting equipment as its mission of the enterprise, it is the market-renowned Jiangyin Branch Sheng Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to Kesheng (hereinafter referred to as Kesheng) the company). Founded in the late last century Branch Sheng company, is located in the banks of the Yangtze River, the coast of Taihu Lake, which east of Shanghai, Nanjing, Nanjing, traffic is very convenient. Under the guidance of General Manager Pu Jianke, the company always adhere to the leading innovation, integrity management, hard work, the purpose of customer service, customer satisfaction as the starting point, to create high-grade Slitter as the relentless pursuit of the goal. Its main products are: KWF series, KLF series, KJP series, KBF series, KDF and other special models, such as more than 20 different specifications, the performance of high-speed automatic Slitter. According to incomplete statistics, so far, its products in addition to selling domestic Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Anhui, Guangdong, Min, Lu, Shanxi, Tianjin, Beijing, Hebei and Hunan, Hubei, Chongqing, Sichuan, more than 20 provinces , Municipalities and autonomous regions, and some other equipment exported to Southeast Asia and Western Europe, more than 10 countries and regions. Its products not only to many varieties, the performance of the gifted, the quality of good, the service of thoughtful Xiongju industry first, and its scientific and technological content is also widely recognized by many users and praise, 堪称 domestic leading level.

The face of the current economic crisis has not improved and the competitive situation with the industry, Section Sheng company why can achieve such gratifying results? I interviewed by the general manager of Pu Jian Branch, the answer is: Branch Shing company always adhere to the scientific and technological innovation as the guide to market demand-oriented to enhance the quality as the fundamental, to concentrate on research and development cutting technology, professional cutting equipment to create high-end. Pu Jianke with the words of general manager, that is, I have been committed to concentrate on the professional and professional expertise to become a professional, to create the domestic top cutting equipment as their pursuit of the goal. In order to achieve this ideal, the rapid development of independent research and development level and production capacity, in recent years, the company in product development and manufacturing, not only paid the introduction of a large number of rich practical experience in professional and technical personnel, but also spend huge amounts of money From abroad to purchase more than one product processing center and testing equipment to ensure product processing accuracy and quality. In addition, the major cities in China has established a perfect after-sales service network for the majority of users with relevant technical advice, training and timely and efficient maintenance services. This Peugeot Kesheng company has become a well-known market, the professional slitter equipment manufacturers, but also to prove Branch Sheng-cutting machine industry boutique.

In order to make more people have more understanding of Kesheng machinery, Pu Jianke, under the leadership of general manager, I walked into the company's product assembly Shing workshop, witnessed many merchants from all over the country are visiting, Equipment, the scene, watching a beautiful appearance, beautifully configured, different specifications of the Slitter, immediately clear people feel Kesheng machinery with the taste, quality, brand value. According to the person in charge of marketing, at present, the independent research and development by the company's production of cutting machinery up to 20 kinds of annual production capacity of about 150 Taiwan, all products of the technology, performance, quality indicators rank the industry- Products in domestic and foreign markets have a substantial share.
For example, KWF-C automatic high-speed Slitter, is a highly cost-effective high-end equipment. The roll unwinding system uses the shaftless unwinding frame, which can be used to change the joint in the shortest time. Slitting part of the use of easy handling of razor-type components, cut the size of the replacement time is shorter, the use of cantilevered knife roll structure technology. The winding center is designed for the take-up type double roller type friction reel. The laser-assisted positioning system ensures accurate positioning of the core. Unloading the use of the mechanical arm push the material body, can automatically cut a variety of roll-like material. Center winding and winding control and swing arm control, and the mainframe synchronous operation, it can not only greatly improve the production efficiency, but also to keep the workshop clean, the operation is very simple. Is a very suitable for roll-shaped plastic film, composite film, paper and other materials, high-speed cutting equipment.

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